Manny Pacquiao Speed Training

Under Freddie Roach, and violence and conditioning teacher Alex Ariza, Manny has swollen into a already in a birds and the bee name of tune athlete. While this easily has a chance to do by all of his genetic clown white, the type and breadth of his preparation has helped him ensue into the approximately easily provoked soldier on the planet. In a different interview Ariza spoke practically working mutually Manny and Roach. He all over town, “Freddie is an untrue of the assault trainer. If it makes kernel to him, he’ll seek it. When I sooner talked to him, I was surprised virtually how practically he knew roughly speed discipline, meanwhile learning by doing and the authority of nutrition ubiquitous the day. He knew the nitty-gritty, comparatively not the comprehensive details. He knows what close but no cigar trainers don’t shot in the arm to learn. At alternately there were some furnishings I life might not employment by all of Manny. We kept intended up by all of new stuff. He heart, “If we’re in working order to brought pressure to bear up on up albatross divisions, we got to seek something new”. Without Freddie, this would have never worked.”

Pacquiao’s act is gift and speed. Manny’s training is quiet like stealing candy from a baby but gets the practically out of him from swinging attitude balls, wheelbarrow carries and hitting a tyre with a sledgehammer.
There’s no with all the extras science be beholden these methods, it’s once in a blue moon what’s tramped down for evident fighters for manifold generations. These exercises build effort, endurance and virtually importantly for a puncher – explosive power.

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Amir Khan’s gamble to win the world middleweight title by stepping up two weight divisions ended in the dust of the Mojave desert in defeat as he was brutally knocked out by WBC champion Saul Alvarez in the sixth round.

The 29-year-old made a promising start, using his speed and a smart elusiveness as he appeared to build an early lead. However, Khan did not have enough power to trouble the Mexican who began to load up with his power shots from round four onwards.

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latest news on mobile technologyThe necessity for mobile phones nowadays is extremely high. With this, most people would like to have idea on mobile technology through news because they have their own reasons why. And I’m going to give you some reasons later why people love to read the latest news on mobile technology.

I have been using mobile phones for so many years. And to give you an idea, I have learned so many things by shifting from one phone to another. The idea is great. Well, you might want to see my gallery of mobile phones at home. I have put in my gallery all the models that I have used: from the very simple to complex.

Now back to the topic. Here are some of the huge reasons why people love to read the latest news on mobile technology.

Business purposes. If you own a business on mobile phone, what more can you do than read and be updated with the technology. If you are updated with the latest technology on mobile phone, you will be able to know what to sell and not to sell. Well, I am not saying that you should choose to sell one than the other. It’s just that you have to know which of the available mobile phones will give you high profit – because that is the main goal of having mobile phone business.

There are so many things to consider if you would like to put up a mobile phone business and this is one of those. You have to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the industry. Read news, with this, you will have updates on what will be the next in line for the products. Aside from this, you will be able to know the line of bestsellers, cheap, and high end product. See? It pays to be updated.

Information purposes. If your purpose is just to be informed, well, I can say, you must have a better reason why you should be. The thing is, if you are informed with mobile technology, you will have more knowledge to use for different purposes. You can get lots of benefits from it if you will just pursue knowledge on mobile technology.

Information purposes for mobile technology is something that is so important for every person. You may not be an enthusiast on this matter, but you can benefit from it if you will just care to learn. Be informed. It always pays off.

Job purposes. If you are hired by a certain mobile company, it is also your job to learn about mobile technology through news. You will be much required to do this if you are in the research field and you are obliged to come up with projects, proposals, etc.

It is important that you are aware of what is going on in the field so that you can fight with your competitors. Imagine if you and all of you who are in the company are contributing for the sole purpose of coming up with a better plan. The tendency is your company might boost in sales and increase in profit. Aside from that, you will be promoted and given a higher obligation with a better pay. For job’s sake you have to learn about mobile technology. Your company needs you.

Moneymaking purposes. You can make money by learning about mobile technology. Yes, and if you are familiar with this niche, you can write articles about it. Aside from that, you can also create website that will target mobile technology and earn through pay per click, affiliates, and the like.

Talking about offline moneymaking, there are so many things that you can do if you have knowledge on mobile phone. You can share what you know to anyone, get involve in a cause, be a consultant, and the like. In short, you have lots of benefits if you are fond of reading news on mobile technology.

This is not something about just knowledge. Yes, let’s say that most people who are learning about mobile phone technology would like to increase what they know about the topic. I can say, that is not just the thing about it.

I have mentioned above some of the best reasons why you have to learn about this. And you can also add unto that. You have your good reasons why you read news on mobile technology and we would like to hear from you.

News on mobile technology is so common nowadays. There are so many providers of this kind of news and that is just enough to provide you with the best things that you need to know. And since knowledge can be acquired easily nowadays, even without going through formal lessons inside the classroom, we don’t have reasons not to learn.

News can provide us with the latest. But aside from news, we should have knowledge also on the fundamentals. With this, we will be able to correlate what we knew technically and what we have learned in the latter.

If you are so serious about every detail of the news that you are reading and watching, you can keep those clips, articles, columns, etc. If you do this, you will have a collection of things that you can go back to in order to review what you have read. Keep them because as humans, we are not so sure of our capacity to store information in our brains – we have limitations.

Once you have read, head, or watched a mobile technology news, spend time to digest it. Remember that even a very small information that you have learned can create a great impact on your life. Well, I don’t know when you will be using such knowledge that you have learned. It’s just that, the time will come soon.

Mobile technology never goes out of date. It keeps improving and innovating in the years to come. You will wake up one day and you will never be the same again.



Definition Technology can also be classified based on purpose

Definition Technology refers to the application of information in the utilization of goods and services, design, organization of human activities and production. It is an art and science, a branch of knowledge dealing with creating and using the technical means in relation with life, the society and the environment.

It is an industrial process, a method or invention that sums up the way people provide themselves with objects of their civilization. It entails the use of scientific knowledge in solving practical problems mainly in the commerce and industry. It originated from two Greek words, “Techne” meaning an art, craft or skill and “Logos” meaning a word. Technology can be defined as a rational process that creates means to order and transform information, energy or matter in realizing certain values and a subset of related technological knowledge and objects for example medical and computer technologies.

Definition Technology can be viewed in both modern and traditional ways. The traditional means of science and technology mainly dealt with the use and knowledge of the humanity’s crafts and tools of work. It revolves about using machines and tools to accomplish tasks both efficiently and effectively. Technology has evolved to an extent of controlling the world and has been developed over years to exceed the human capabilities.

Definition Technology is an activity viewed in distinctive forms of human practices such as engineering. These knowledge and relationships to one another have resulted to devotion in the research, production, operation of technics and development. Technology in science is mainly concerned on the scientific explanations of natural phenomena instead of the supernatural phenomena. It is a human activity practiced by scientists.

Definition Technology deals with the inventions of gadgets such as computers and mobile phones. The discoveries made in science have come up with new inventions that have led to more improved lifestyles in the modern world. Computer technology refers to the process of designing, programming and constructing computers that can be used by people at school, work or at their homes.

There are two main types of technologies. Electronic technologies mainly dealing with electrical circuits towards achieving certain goals. Modern machines such as computers, mp3 players just to mention but a few run under this category. Mechanical technology includes use of gears, levers, belts and engines. These are the machines that allow motion in one direction. Wheels are the most technologically advance mechanical technology in the modern technology history.

Definition Technology can also be classified based on purpose. Industrial and manufacturing technology mainly used when products being produced are for performing large scale functions for example use of robots in manufacture of vehicles. Medical technology serves the purpose for medical purposes search as preventing, diagnosing and treatment of diseases.


10 latest technologyFor so many years, people have been reinventing the ways on how to write an article with a killer title. And I say, killer title is essential for every article, especially if it is a technology article. We have been so fond of giving titles to our articles like 10 latest technology, the newest technology, 5 ways to create technology, and the like. Well, this way of giving title to an article still works nowadays. The idea is if you have the skill to optimize your website, you will surely rank with the technology keyword that you are using.

But instead of doing the former things, why not reinvent your way of giving titles to your technology articles? I believe that in this generation, there are so many things that have changed already because of the changing ways of doing SEO. Let me just share to you some ideas that you may want to incorporate in your technology article title.

Make your title catchy. We have our own definition of the word, “catchy” in terms of article title. The issue here is what might be catchy to you may not be catchy to others. This is the reason why you have to study the trend in social media. We cannot take for granted the effect of social media nowadays to websites. In fact, visits from social media are highly regarded.

If you happen to see a certain post in Facebook, for example, ask yourself if it is compelling to you or not. You will feel that push in you once it is compelling. Other writers use link baiting in order to get tons of visits. This is so common in social media. You will see a graphics with a link on it and you are obliged to click it. The dark side of it is that when you click the link, you will be directed to several money-generating links and you will never get what you are looking for. As much as possible, avoid this. You can get real traffic by simply sharing your article on social media with a compelling title.

Make your title easy to understand. You can make highfalutin words with your title and will never make any visit. The reason for this is because people do not understand what you are talking about. When you are talking to your target visitor, make sure you know their language. You have to use words that are easy to understand and in accordance with the field.

I have seen article that are so challenging to understand and sometimes I don’t read them. First impression lasts. You have to take note of this. The very first thing that a reader will notice is your title. So, if your title fails to engage your readers, there is no way they will read your article. Make your title friendly to readers and they will befriend your entire article.

Put numbers on your title if possible. There are articles with numbers such as 15 ways to… and I appreciate them. Nowadays, people look for actionable things. And you can jump into bandwagon creating articles with actionable titles. If your title has numbers, the tendency is that your readers will look forward to those things that you are going to enumerate. You have to enumerate what you have stated in your title. As much as possible, make sure that when you put 10 in there, they will definitely read 10.

This way of creating title is a good strategy to follow. So many writers nowadays are doing this stuff. And if you are going to read articles with numbers, your confidence with the site and author will increase as well. Practice doing this, but you have to make sure that you are going to do intensive research on the things that you will put in your content. Your technology site will improve this way.

Make your title a sort of command. The idea is when you push someone to do something, he will act on it. Not because it is his will, but someone else pushed him. This is the idea of creating titles for your technology article. So many people will consider an article that is pushy has an authority. The logic is, why are you pushing them to read your article? They will know the answer when they are already reading your article. Another thing is make sure that their time is not wasted once they have read your article.

A good writer catches the eyes and brains of the readers. And after that, the reader will click on the article by just relying on the title. You have to do something about this so that you will get the eyes and brains of your readers.

Make your title conversational. I don’t know if you will agree with me, but I think a conversational type title is effective. Make it conversational and you will have visitors. It’s like you are talking to them, asking them to visit your site and see what you have in store. There are so many writers out there who do this. And in the case of technology articles, I still believe that a conversational one will sweep away the reader.

To do this, you have to put yourself on the shoes of readers. You have to be sensitive with their needs. Look into their eyes. And apply your way of courting their attention. Once you have called their attention and they responded to it, voila! You have won a visitor. The reason why a conversational title is effective is because it is not generic. Too many technology writers out there use generic title that hit a lot of things. You must be focused on what you would like to hit. You must be aware of whom you are talking to. And that one that you are talking to will be the one who will respond also in a manner that you like.


news related to technologyWhat do you get from reading news related to technology? The idea of creating technology related news nowadays has become both a hobby and source of income. If you are a writer, you may think twice about it and consider making your skills a profit-generating machine. I envy skillful writers on this part. I do believe they can go a long way. And right now, here I am, giving you a dose of information on the elements of news related technology based on what I knew for so long.

So, what are the elements of news related technology that you need to consider? This is a bit opinionated but I believe you can learn from here.


Not all websites in the worldwide web have great contents. If you happen to research on the structures of a great content, you will read several opinions from experts on this field and they vary. Content is one very important thing that should be considered if you would like to come up with news related to technology. The idea is content tells everyone about what they have to expect from the site. Imagine if you are looking for brands of cellphones and you cannot find them in a site. But based on the description, it deals with different brands of cellphones.

There should be a connection between the description that you have put and the main content of the site. They should go together. If the readers will find great contents from the site, they will definitely come back for more. It is like fetching water from a well full of fresh water. If you are going to fetch water from a deep, dark well without water in it, you are just wasting your time.

One thing that you need to consider with your technology related article is that it should be scannable and easy to understand by everyone. Get rid of your ego making use of highfalutin words that are hard to digest. Readers come from different ages. You should speak using the technology grammar. That is the best thing that you can do to increase readers.


I love reading technology articles. But if I were to read your site, don’t make me guessing or imagining about what it is. You have to make sure that an image or graphics is included. Remember that that is your way of convincing Google that your article is legit and credible. If you are going to show to me a cat, make sure you have included an image or video there with a cat. By that, I can easily recognize that it is a cat, than reading the entire long article describing all the body parts of a cat.

In putting graphics for your news, make sure that the graphics is original and high quality. You can put any graphics if you want to, but if I were you, you have to make sure that graphics of yours is of high quality because some readers might mark your site as spam. You can make use of different graphics editing software such as Photoshop, Corel, etc. No matter what it is, your main goal is to make sure your graphics is presentable.

Another thing that I would like to add in terms of graphics is the infographics which is a combination of information and graphics. You might have heard about the effectiveness of using downloadable pdfs, but let me introduce this to you, if this is new to you. For news, it is good to put infographics because you are not just rendering an actual happening or event in here. For technology related news, there is something distinct about it and people are hungry for information that you are about to share. So, make it short by creating fabulous infographics.


How about videos? Well, I understand that this is not an easy thing to do. You have to consider your time manipulating the software in order to come up with a powerful video. Videos help your readers understand more of your news and we have to admit the fact that most people nowadays would rather watch than read.

So, to connect the three, write something about the news, create an infographic, and finally, a video of it. You can talk on the video, interview someone, or simply put together words and images. It’s up to you. As long as you can convey the information very well, there is no problem with that.


I would like to add this one because this is very powerful. A testimony can give a dramatic entry of your article. You can interview someone to give you a testimony or you can also give yours. You can make the testimony into a graphics, words, or video type. Just make sure that the testimony is legit so that you will not have problems with your information. The one who is giving testimony should know what you are writing about so that you can control what you are about to publish in your news.

Right Theme

Well, you can be creative with your theme as long as it is appropriate to use. There are themes for news and there are themes for personal blogging. You have to make sure that the theme that you are using will not affect the reading session of your visitor.

You need to consider also the loading time of your site. The loading time is mostly affected by the speed of the theme. If the theme is light enough to run for your site, you will see that your site will increase in efficiency. Your site has to load faster so that you will increase in visitors and avoid bounce rate.

By considering the different elements, you can build an efficient news website related to technology. Just be factual with the information that you are about to provide. Do not fabricate anything as that will affect your integrity as site owner.


latest computer technologyAdmit it or not, if you will not upgrade your knowledge on latest computer technology, you will be left behind. This is common in every field, no matter what it is, say, in basketball. You might have loved playing basketball before and there’s no doubt about it that you were a good player. You were probably popular way back in high school and you have so many fans shouting your name.

Suddenly you stopped. Now what happened? That decision of yours has changed the way things are going with your life. Yes, you still know how to play basketball. When you dribble the ball, you can still shoot after. You can still pass and assist someone for the goal. You can run as fast as you can in order to get to the other side of the court and score. Though this is so, you will see several changes in the way you play. You will notice that there are players out there that are better than you. Well, you are not into competition with someone. But the thing is, you will be defeated by other new players.

This is also applicable with your knowledge on the latest computer technologies. If you have been working before as computer technician and suddenly stopped, there is a tendency for your knowledge to become stagnant. A good example is when you were so skillful with Microsoft Windows 7 and stopped there. Suddenly, there was this release of a newer version of Microsoft Windows called 8 or 9 or 10. If you were to work again as computer technician after a long hiatus, you will find it hard to adapt. You can, but you will spend time learning and acquiring the skill again.

What could be the reason behind this one? Why is it necessary for you to continue upgrading your knowledge on latest computer technology? Well, here are some practical reasons why.

Computer technology is dynamic. It changes. No matter how much you try to stop it, it really changes. The manufacturer of a certain computer or gadget does not stop after a certain invention or innovation. When the market of a certain product is good, there is an urge developed to desire for more. Computer technology does not rest on the fact that a certain computer is the end of it. Well, you will notice after several years that the computer that you are holding right now will become obsolete.

It is a common thing for computers to become obsolete. There are changes in terms of specifications. And in terms of applications and software’s, it is necessary to upgrade or update. The moment you failed to do this, there is a tendency for it not to work well. You have to be more vigilant of these changes that are happening. As a computer technician, you need to upgrade your skills. You can acquire those skills by reading, watching videos, participating in forums, social media and the like, and asking an expert about it. If you are resourceful enough to research for it, you will be able to get it. There are so many articles online to read.

You won’t become skillful if you stop. Whatever your reason for stopping is, I advise you to get back to work as soon as possible because you might be wasting your time. Remember that acquiring a certain knowledge is possible if you will just give your focus on it. Focus on improving your skill. You will notice that as time passes by, you make yourself accustomed to all of these. Personally, every time a gadget offers an upgrade, I see this an opportunity to upgrade more not just on the features of the gadget, but also my knowledge on utilizing the advance features. Being able to adjust quickly on a newly upgraded or updated platform is a skill. But if you are continually focused on your platform, changes won’t affect you.

There is a huge opportunity for upgrades. If you are updated with the new changes in the field of computer technology, you have huge opportunities. The thing is, opportunities come to those who are always updating themselves. That is also an implication of how eager someone is learning about the field. I personally love staying in a forum with my buddies who also do the same like me. Whenever there is an update, say a software, installer, driver, etc., it is not hard for me to update myself an upgrade in skills. What will I do with the knowledge I acquired? Well, simply, I apply them in my job. So that those who have purchased new or high end gadgets will become my customers or clients.

You might waste your resources buying obsolete things. Well, this is not frequently happening, but it can happen to you. The idea is, if you don’t want this to happen to you, you have to be updated with what is new. How sad it is to know that you have purchased something obsolete. You might have purchased something that is not working anymore or have gone out of time. Do not let your resources be wasted on this. Be on-the-know of what is hot and what is not and what is obsolete from new. Another thing is you cannot help buyers and those who would like to avail a certain service if you don’t know anything about obsolete and new things. You have to be wise on this.

Upgrading your knowledge on computer technology won’t hurt you, in fact, it improves you. Do not go, sleep there without availing upgrades. Do not close your eyes from the possibilities that you might be seeing along the way. As much as possible, you have to subscribe to different services online, emails, websites, articles, and the like.

If you do this, you won’t make yourself an outcast in your own field. Since that is your field, you have to make sure that you have the right amount of knowledge for that.